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Dangers of Faster EFT — 1 Comment

  1. Hi I am a student learning Holistic Metaphysical diploma course here in Australia, I had never heard of EFT or FEFT, till Febuary this yr 17. I was in exetreme pain could barely type anymore because of the pain, I was ready to admit defeat, I suffered from Fybromyalgia. Anyway the course taught me about EFT, my pain the day I found EFT was 10+ believe me nearly unbearable. That same afternoon I found EFT on youtube and began tapping, unbeleivably my pain went from 10+ to 0 in about 4 days. you can imagine my joy.I found FEFT about 2wks later & I actually use both of them.@mths on I get a little pain in my should where I have torn a ligument. I would really love to teach other people, I have no-one interested at this point.I should say I also have a massage once a fortnight. I CAN MOVE AGAIN YAY

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