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Faster EFT Affiliates Wanted To Help Spread Self Empowerment and Healing Around the Globe.

Did you know that's Official Website has a Faster EFT Affiliates Program?

Get Paid for promoting FasterEFT Products online!

  • If You are passionate about FasterEFT and Robert Smith’s work.
  • You would like to help Promote and Sell his Products.
  • You would also like to make a Contribution to the World by letting more people know about this Self Empowering Method which helps People make Peace and take Control and Create the life they have always Dreamed about.

All you have to do is share your enthusiasm for FasterEFT with people you know. Of course, if you Addictionswant to do more, you certainly can and we can work together for our mutual success. There’s no cost to join.

Your financial benefit for joining the program really depends on you. If you are passing on FasterEFT to others anyway,  you might as well receive something for it if your referrals make a purchase through your Affiliate link.


FasterEFT is looking for your talent! We are needing your help.

"Most people who find FasterEFT and watch a few of my YouTube videos want to share it with others. People most often find the website through my YouTube Channel HealingMagic and then find their way here. It’s interesting to note that half of my visitors to my website are brand new  visits every day! FasterEFT is growing and expected to grow exponentially throughout this year and beyond. What a great time to join my affiliate program while it’s still in growing stages?

When you join FasterEFT’s Affiliate Program and then send people to my website, my system will tag them as your referral. Even when they don’t purchase something right away but then they return to the site and purchase DVD’s, training materials and books online, you’ll earn *commissions up to 30% of the purchase price.  This is a “two-tier” program, so you can even make money when the people you refer pass it on to others." Robert G. Smith. Founder of FasterEFT.

How do I Join the Faster EFT Affiliates Program?

Simply follow the Link to Robert Smith,s Official Website Here Then Hover your mouse over the "Products" Link in the Menu toolbar at the top of the page as shown in red below.

Home  About  Products  Events  Practitioners  Community  Testimonials  Blog  Contact Us

There will appear a drop down list there you will see Affiliate program clicking on that link will take you to the sign up page about halfway down.

ie: Sign up here to become an Affiliate and receive generous commissions of up to 30%.

Signup to receive your Faster EFT Affiliates link and start posting unique affiliate link that you will use to refer others to FasterEFT products on your webpage, social media site or in an email marketing campaign.


Faster EFT Affiliates


How to Add Your FasterEFT Affiliate Link to Your WordPress Website


"I wanted to give FasterEFT to you because it will begin to change the world one person at a time, starting with you. Use what I teach, share with loved ones, and others who need a better way of thinking. World peace starts with inner peace", Robert G. Smith.

Robert smith all about love long_FasterEFT-LogoWe at encourage you to join the FasterEFT Affiliates Program to spread the word, if you have any problems just drop us a line in the comments box below and we will do our utmost to help you.



Access 100’s of FREE Training Videos and Resources

When you register with your free account you will gain access to 100’s of free videos and resources that will help shape your life forever.

For more information on FasterEFT Go to Robert Smith's Official Website and sign up for His 7 Course Modulesin Beginner 0 of 7 lessons
7 Day Quickstart Course - Free!
Plus Access 100’s of FREE Training Videos and Resources that will help shape your life forever.


fastereft tapping script



Faster EFT Affiliates


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